Promising opportunities for owner-operated companies and manufacturers of extraordinary consumer goods.

Munich/ Germany, January 2016. A group of innovative, high-level luxury goods experts, dedicated service providers and passionate private investors
have recently joined forces to help owner-managed smaller luxury goods makers discover and develop new opportunities for profitable growth. The timing couldn’t be better!

LVMH, Hermès, Richemont … for years, a few corporate giants have reaped almost all the rewards from the ever-increasing demand for luxury goods. That is about to change, once a new consortium by the name “Concinno” succeeds in aligning the interests of some of the most sublime smaller luxury goods makers to create a globally competitive business model. Supported by the increasing desire of affluent consumers to return to value-driven, more bespoke offerings, rather than mass-branded consumer goods, as well as the rapidly diminishing influence of traditional marketing in favor of social media and digital influencers, a new window of opportunity has opened for independent entrepreneurs. If their companies manage to take advantage, the luxury goods market will be facing a new era: the return of globally competitive niche brands!

Concinno – headquartered in Munich, Germany – is dedicated to becoming the leading force in this rise. CEO Ralf Oehl describes the mission as follows: “Everybody is talking about the upcoming renaissance of ’small, scarce and unique’. The growing demand for sustainability, regionality and authenticity, and especially the quest for truly unique things and experiences, are the key drivers of this trend. People forget however that the small companies that offer such goods face the same challenges as their much larger competitors: they have to first be able to reach their potential customers around the world; then, they must overcome cultural barriers, as well as challenges in logistics and bureaucracy. In addition, they have to find innovative solutions for their retail demands, all the whilst keeping their costs in line. All of this without the security of access to the know-how and capital that the big players enjoy.”

Doing this on an individual basis can be a tough uphill battle. A much more effective approach is to pool efforts and expertise; ideally within an alliance of similar-minded partners in which each company retains its independence and uniqueness, whilst being able to profit from the consortium’s strengths to solve key challenges.

Concinno’s growing network of experts and similar-minded entrepreneurs is driven to identify and leverage such growth opportunities, taking advantage of improved economies of scale, and able to adapt more quickly to new technology and trends. In addition, each member has access to long-term growth capital to sustainably finance its growth.

What’s different about Concinno is that, unlike standard industry associations, the particular demands of each individual member are focused on. Instead of depending on external “consultants” and “sales agents”, there will be an increasing number of partners with a high level of practical experience and aligned goals. Even the tedious search for new financing, that often requires the transfering of company risks to the private assets of the owners, or exposes the company to short-term goals of financial investors, does not apply within the group.

As an “Alliance of the Best”, Concinno is committed to linking an extraordinary range of niche companies at all levels of the value chain in the luxury goods market. Whether privately-owned hidden champions from areas such as raw materials, intermediates or finished goods, to producers of exceptional foodstuffs like fine winemakers and distillers, or an exceptional service provider … all can benefit from the Concinno approach!

About Concinno

Concinno GmbH, headquartered in Munich/ Germany, was founded in 2015 by Ralf Oehl. Its mission is to link the best owner- and family-operated companies in the luxury goods segment into a powerful alliance in order to strengthen the long-term competitiveness of these companies.

At the turn of the year, initial discussions began with preferred “founding members” from the DACH region, the UK, Italy and France.

Ralf Oehl is one of the most successful innovators and business developers for medium-sized businesses in Europe. His recent work has received numerous public acknowledgments, including “One of the ten fastest growing companies in Germany” (FAZ Top 100, 2012), or “One of the most dynamic global growth companies […] outpacing its competitors and reshaping its industry as well as all the industries it serves” (World Economic Forum, 2011).